Following the announcement of the Prime Minister on June, 21-22, 2000 at Shillong, an Export Development of Fund (EDF) has been set up for promotion of the export development in the North Eastern Region including Sikkim. The fund was set up initially with a corpus of Rs 5 crores and thereafter further contribution to the fund is to be provided by the Ministry of Commerce & Industry from any other budgetary or non budgetary sources of the government which is to be managed by the Agriculture & Processed Food Products Export Development Authority (APEDA) under the instruction of the Department of Commerce.

(For details, please refer to Guidelines)

The Department of Trade and Commerce has so far, after thorough examination forwarded seventeen (17) proposals to Director, States Cell, Ministry of Commerce Govt. of India for consideration in the Empowered Committee Meeting. Till now, none of proposals has been considered by the Govt. of India.